We all know the saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know". Even if you know no one, you can be in charge of cultivating a bigger network full of actors and industry creatives. Here's 7 secrets on how to network like a pro:


The 6 Simple Steps to Networking As An Actor

1. Don't think of it as networking.
Think of it as a conversation. Develop a genuine connection! It'll make you feel more approachable and less nervous.

2. Go to industry events.
Spotlight hosts hundreds of free events for its members from casting director Q&As to workshops. If you're nervous about going alone - take a friend!

3. Follow casting directors, agents and actors on Twitter.
Keep up-to-date with their projects and what they're doing. You'll be all the more prepared when someone is casting or when an agency's books are open. If your paths happen to cross, it means you can ask them how current or past project went.

4. Don't automatically ask for things.
Think about it from their perspective: how would you react to someone who introduces themselves to you and then automatically asks for something? Find some common ground with the person you approach. It doesn't have to be acting-related, but you'll make a more memorable connection with someone if you have something in common. 

5. Be positive. 
In this industry, everyone knows everyone and everyone talks. One bad comment to one person will be passed on. So when you're chatting, be positive and upbeat, try to steer clear from conversations about any hardships you're having, a play you thought was bad or how awful the weather is. Being positive will earn you a good reputation in time.

6. Know when to leave.
Even if you've had the best conversation, know when to say thanks and leave. Overstaying your welcome can be awkward and will only annoy not only the person you're talking to but everyone else in the room waiting to talk to them. 

7. Keep in touch.
Use whatever you have as a means of keeping in touch. Having professional business cards with your contact details is one of the ways to do this. If your business card happens to say 'actor', then all the better!